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Cryptocurrency Escrow Service

We serve as an escrow in transactions that involve the purchase or sale of large amount of bitcoin. We serve major organisations and individuals.

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Bitcoin Mining

Our team of expert miners engage in the mining of bitcoin on a daily basis yielding higher profit and returns for our large body of investors.

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Software Development

We build softwares, for example we build mining tools that makes it easier to mine bitcoin. Our softwares are available on various operating systems.

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cryptocurrency Transaction

We make it easier and faster for various individuals and larger body organisations to perform various transactions in bitcoin with ease and comfort.

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cryptocurrency Wallet

We provide a very comprehensive and easy to use wallet for all our clients. You can send and receive bitcoin at ease and comfort any time of the day.

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Cryptocurrency Investment

We offer various investment plans. Our investment plans run for a period of 7 days after which your profit and capital is returned to your wallet

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